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The presentations of Peymon Mottahedeh, President and Founder of Freedom Law School are available for your FREE viewing below.

If you attended the Rally, the recorded videos of the Restore Freedom Rally are FREE for you, the password for watching these videos were emailed to you on January 31, 2023. If you did not receive the password by email, please call us at (813)444-4800.

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Restore Freedom Rally FREE presentations:

99% of Americans are not required to file and pay income tax. Let's show you how.

Steps 1-2
(Saturday Presentation)
"Based on US Government's Official Legal Website, the only people who are required to file and pay income tax are "citizens or residents of D.C."

Stop filing 1040 income tax confession trap forms that the IRS uses against you. It's more dangerous to file than not file!
Steps 3-7
(Sunday Presentation)
The IRS is Mostly Bluff. We will show you how and why they are falling apart.

Freedom Law School's founder, Peymon, has not filed for over 30 years. He will teach you how and why our students have had success over the IRS by following the law and so can you!

By petitioning your congress members you will stay out of prison.

With our Restore Freedom Plan, Freedom Law School guarantees the IRS will not steal your property or Freedom Law School will reimburse you the full amount.

By spreading the word, you can get up to 50% of the first year of Restore Freedom Plan contributions paid by people you refer.

Is Cashless Society Here? and How to stop it.

Many people believe we are about to have a cashless society. Is cashless society here? Is it coming? Has it been in plans for over 100 years? How can we stop it?

Restore Freedom Class

This is the Monday, all day step by step class on how you can take part in restoring freedom in America for you, your family and America.

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